Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good news!

I haven't posted an update in a few days, due to some news I have for you guys. While doing my daily routine of screwing around on Facebook, I saw that Eastern Dirt magazine was looking for a photographer for the Nationals. I jumped on the opportunity, and the staff accepted my offer. I will be shooting at Freestone, Thunder Valley, Red Bud, Millville, Unadilla, Southwick, and Steel City.

As well as taking photos for Eastern Dirt, I will also be writing race reports for them. They even want to me to write weekly updates from our Cross Country trip, just like what i post on here, so they can post it on their website. Therefor, I may not be updating this as much. Once things get going with the Eastern Dirt guys, I'll post up a link on here to my journal entries and race reports.

I'm really excited to have the opportunity to work with the Eastern Dirt crew. Wish me luck!


We've been in Texas for a week now, it's super hot! It's been about 100 degrees with a lot of humidity every day. We spent the week riding at 3 Palms Motocross Park, it's an awesome facility! They have 3 big bike tracks, a 2 mile woods single track loop, a freestyle compound, a pitbike track, and two kids tracks. They even have a track set up in a lake for jet skiing. It was a major wake up call riding here, coming from Southern California! The tracks are very hard packed in CA, where as here, there's a lot of sand. My favorite!

Due to rain showers, we're stuck hanging out at a truck stop for today. We're heading to Freestone tomorrow to get situated for Saturday's National.

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  1. Katie!
    That's fantastic news. :)
    I can't wait to see your work.
    Good luck on Saturday.