Sunday, May 9, 2010

Busy busy busy

The past few days have been pretty busy, which is why I haven't posted an update in a couple days. Our first stop on our trip was to Las Vegas, for the Mini Moto SX Championships in the Orleans Arena. I was super nervous coming into the event, it was my first "big" race that I've ever done. There were riders from almost 10 different countries.

My first practice on Thursday was only 5 minutes long, and the lap times didn't count towards anything. About an hour later, I had a 2nd 5 minute long practice, and the lap times counted towards gate pick for the Qualifier race. I had a 5th place lap time in the 2nd practice, which gave me 5th gate pick.

In the qualifier race, I got the holeshot and ended up finishing 6th. The 6th place finish qualified me for the main event on the following day, Friday. On Thursday night after my 2 practices and qualifier, I got a good night's rest and got ready for the main event on Friday night.

When Friday rolled around, I was really nervous and didn't know what to expect. I knew there were going to be a lot of people watching and it would get pretty crazy. I lined up on the starting gate towards the inside, because I knew if I could get a good jump off the line, I could push the other girls wide. My start went exactly how I could have only hoped! I ripped the holeshot and lead my main event for just over a lap, got passed, and held 2nd place for an additional lap. After the 2nd lap, Tatum Sik and Jackie Ives passed me, leaving me in 4th. By the end of the race, I was still in 4th. I was really hoping for a podium finish, but I was very happy with how I did. Now I know what to expect for next year!

After the race, my Mom and Brother had to go to the airport to go home. :[ I ended up hanging out with my friend Sammy, Vicki Golden, and Jackie Ives for awhile that night, we had a lot of fun. We had an ice fight in the 15th floor of the hotel, and we mobbed scooters all around the hotel. That was fun. We didn't even wake anyone up til about 3! Oops.

Sooo many people
Me, Tatum, Jackie

In the lead!

Main Event Holeshot

We left Vegas yesterday morning, and came straight to Southern California. We're staying down here for the week, riding at a bunch of different tracks. Today, I rode at Pala Raceway. They're hosting the last round of the AMA Nationals in September. The whole facility was pretty awesome. They had a Pro track, a Vet track, an Amateur track, a pitbike track, and a kid's track. I rode the Pro track for the first half of the day, and finished out the day on the Vet track. The Pro track was nothing like any of the tracks back home, the dirt was really different. Lots of big jumps! Vicki showed up half way through out the day, I got a couple of good pictures of her. Her whip's are pancake status.

Vicki's all healed up and ready for the 2010 Pro Motocross season to start.. watch for her, #6 on the MotoConcepts YZ250f. She's going to kill it this year!


  1. Great report, Katie.
    I'll give it an A.
    Makes me want to go out and ride! :)

  2. Awesome 4th place finish Katie!!!! Rip it up!!!!!