Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What happens in Vegas..

.. isn't really going to stay in Vegas if I'm sharing it with all you guys!

Today was a pretty relaxing day to say the least. I woke up and showered around 9 and then went downstairs to see what my Dad was up to out at the camper. He was putting all the new “once-a-year” parts on, such as sprockets, chains, chain guides/slides/guards, etc, and then he washed both the outsides of the camper and the trailer. The more clean you are, the more professional you look! It was pretty cool seeing our “rig” parked right next to 5 Monster Energy Semi’s. One of the guys from Monster was nice enough to give my dad a bunch of sticker sheets after finding out that I was sponsored.

After hangin’ out with my Dad for a bit, I went and worked out for quite a while. I focussed on sit down/stand up sprints on a spin bike, that’s probably my favorite work out. What’s the best relief after a work out when it’s 90 degrees outside? Lounging around at the pool! I took full advantage of the huge pool area and soaked up some rays for a few hours. I’m hoping to go home tan!

After most of the day was over, my Dad and I went out to find a Subway for dinner and picked up a few things at Walmart. We spotted a Lotus dealer and had to stop, those cars are awesome. There was even an Aston Martin there too. We took the extra long way back to the Hotel just to drive down “The Strip”. I have never seen so many bright lights in a mile and a half area before! I wonder what the electrical bill for the city of Las Vegas could be..

Pretty big F150
Aston Martin
Our trailer vs the Monster Semi!

It's a funny story with this last picture. As I was walking back to the parking lot after laying out by the pool, I saw my dad ripping around the Hotel/Arena area on his z50. He was even riding it on the sidewalks.. in his safari hat!

Sunset from the hotel parking lot

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  1. Katie, how did Friday go?
    I gotz ta know. :)