Sunday, May 2, 2010

Masters of Mini's Assault on Vegas

First stop, Las Vegas, NV. So far, we've driven 1,400 miles and have burnt up hundreds of gallons of gas, we abducted 1 hitch hiker 5 minutes after we left home in Connecticut (or so my brother thinks), and we've driven through 7 states. Dad's been his crazy self, averaging about 750 miles a day. He still won't let me or Jeff drive the camper, nooot cool. I'd probably end up taking out everything in my path though hahah.

We haven't seen many cool things yet besides some absolutely huge wind mills and the "World's Largest Truck Stop" in Iowa. You wouldn't believe the amount of land used for farming out here, it's kind of ridiculous. I hope it doesn't snow too much out here, cause all the farmers would be screwed on making a living.

I had breakfast for dinner at like 10 last night at Grandma Max's kitchen. That was prettyy sweet. Grandma Max apparently isn't alive anymore, I really wanted to meet her. If her foods so famous, why are other people that have no relation to her cooking in her restaurant? Not coooool.

<--- Nebraska's lameeee


  1. Katie I am so excited you are documenting your trip, ill check this and read your posts! Hope you have an absolute BLAST and kick some ass in the dirt ;)


  2. this is so amazing to be able to fallow you on this trip . it owuld be even better behing there but this wll do .. you have a great time and yes like Menz said go kick some aqss

  3. Katie this is beautiful i like it you take good picture i SE you when i get there in a couple of day by have fun

  4. Menzies, thanks a lot! I really appreciate you reading. I kind of made this whole thing up for fun for my relatives, but I'm coming to realize that it might give me a look into the media part of the motocross racing industry.

    Rina, You were one of the few that I made this blog for!

    Gros Dad, We can't wait to see you!

  5. aww Katie .thank you so much . now im gona cry..... you have a great time and keep us posted when you can . love you girl