Sunday, May 2, 2010

A snowball fightt.. in May?

What did Evergreen, Colorado bring us? A snowball fight! Colorado is hands down my new favorite state. It's absolutely gorgeous. Within about 50 yards, we drove past 3 cars slid out off the side of the highway into the ditch. Who knew roads could be so icy and snowy in May? They're so bad we're going to try to get somewhat out of the mountains and go to bed for the night.

It's pretty funny that it was just under 90 degrees at home in Connecticut today, but here it's about 30. The elevation is kind of crazy too, 10,960 feet. Sooo high up! I couldn't believe how many hundreds and hundreds or acres of just fields there were in both Nebraska and Colorado. There would be a bunch of cows in a field with a water hole, and no buildings or barns or anything for miles around.

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