Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where's the moto?!

This one's for you, John!

Features - Getting to know.. WMA Pro Julie Parizek

I figured since this is a moto trip and all, I should probably update this thing in more relation to bikes. After riding Suzuki's for 4 years now, I guess you could say I'm getting a bit tired of looking down and seeing yellow. I decided to change up the color scheme a bit on my bike, with the help of Motowear USA. They do great work with custom graphics and jersey lettering, I told them exactly what I was looking for in a set of graphics, and this is what I ended up with. Below my 250f is my 2008 KLX138 pitbike, the bike I'm racing in the Orleans Arena on Friday night. I'll be running #800 on Friday.

Getting to know.. Julie Parizek #22
Julie Parizek is an 18 year old girl who absolutely mobs on a dirtbike. She lives in Willington, CT with her Mom, Dad, and Brother. Julie has been riding since 2000 and started racing in 2003. She enjoys listening to pretty much any kind of music. She's like any other teenage girl, she loves to have fun with her friends and relax. When it comes to racing and needing to focus, she has no problem getting into race mode.

For 2010, Julie will be racing her X-Pro/Enfield Motorsports backed Kawasaki KX-250f. She will be pitted in the Cyr Racing pit area along with pro #798 Billy Ainsworth, from Columbia, CT. Julie will be attending all rounds of the WMA tour, with the exception of the last round that was moved to California. Billy will also be riding an X-Pro Motorsports KX-250f. At her first pro national at Southwick in August of 2009, she placed a solid 7th overall with back to back 5th place moto finishes.

Back home, Julie runs the local NESC circuit in the Female, 125 Youth B, and 125 Amateur classes. How do you find Julie in a full packed gate of 40 guys in the Amateur classes? Just look out front. Julie is notorious for her holeshots and top 3 starts in the guys' classes. Needless to say, I'm jealous! Julie's work both on and off the track during the week pays off tremendously. She rides several times a week and focuses on Cardio training.

Julie's sponsors for the 2010 Outdoor Motocross season include EVS, No Toil, Tag Metals, Enfield Motorsports, and X-Pro Motorsports.

Pictured below is Julie, #11y, with an awesome start in the 125 Youth B class at an NESC race in Central Village, Connecticut. Can you say, Holeshot?!

This last picture at the bottom is WMA Pro #22, Julie Parizek, and I. She is on the left, I am on the right. She is one of the riders who's bikes we're bringing to the nationals. She's a great rider and works harder than any other girl I know! She's going to do great. This picture was taken at Enfield Motorsports' open house last month. For the record- I could never ride a kawi street bike! GSXR 750 all the way :]


  1. wow Katie i love the new colors that blue is just awsome

  2. very good Katie im very proud of you

  3. Katie, that RM-Z250K9 looks awesome. :)
    Good luck on Friday.