Monday, May 3, 2010


After driving through 4 pretty long states today, we have finally arrived at our first moto destination, LAS VEGASSS :] Honestly, I was expecting Vegas to be just one really lively strip, and that was it. Come to find out, Las Vegas is a pretty big city! I felt like a bug flying like a magnet to a bright light at night, it was a pretty cool sight to see. We crested a big hill and BAM, we knew we finally were here.
I really miss my momma. I know she would love it out here. Colorado was definitely the best state the whole way across the country, it was absolutely gorgeous. Utah, Arizona, and Nevada were just non-stop mountains and mountains and guess what else? More mountains. No doubt, it was pretty! We stopped at a couple viewing areas along the way, I even stuck a Katie Cyr #271 sticker and also a Motowear USA sticker on a sign at one in Utah. Maybe someone I know will stop there one day and see my sticker? Who knows!

Once we finally got to the Hotel/Arena, it was a huge wake up call. It's finally starting to set in.. I'm racing.. in Las Vegas.. in a few days? We rolled into the back parking lot to see 2 Pro SX rigs, 3 Monster Energy rigs, and a few other semi's. I guess this whole mini moto deal is no joke! It's only Monday, theres still a few more days for more big rigs to roll in. I haven't seen the arena where the track is yet, but I'm going to check it out tomorrow if it's not all locked up.

The first picture below is the Hotel/Arena where the race is. The picture below that is the view from the window in our room's shower. (yes, there's a window inside the shower.)

Note- Click on any picture you want to view larger. You can open it up and click on the new window a second time, and you can view the photo full size. A few of them would make cool wallpapers!


  1. Congrats, You made it to Vegas!!!! Love the pics. Soo beautiful!!

  2. You were right about Eli Tomac!!!